13 December, 2013



Beyoncé has released a New Visual Album, Self-Tittled "BEYONCÉ"! 
17 Videos and 14 Songs - Released at midnight 13.12.2013 with No Promo or Warning! 

Get the album here now: https://t.co/EZBmy4drly 

Review coming up... but THIS IS LEGENDARY!

People & Records are being SLAYED!👑🙌❤️

Congrats BeyHive!❤️

07 December, 2013

The Season of... Shopping!

It's that time of year when everyone... shops! lol Really though, we all have to do it. Oh but the gifting season is one of my absolute favorite times. I love shopping (shocker!), and I really love shopping for people that I love. So naturally, when tradition presents me with snowfall, warm sweaters, peppermint mochas & and an excuse to splurge... voila! in love! I did find that the season to be jolly came a little slower this year, but now that I can finally listen to holiday music & wear red lipstick all the time without feeling guilty, it couldn't be better! To be honest the whole black friday shopping thing got a little scary, and so due to lack of time to commit to proper holiday shopping, I went for the online experience! There's just so many things to pick out, people to think of, and choices to make that I thought it would be nice to share my bit of advice on the matter with you.

04 December, 2013

22 Days Challenge

I came across a post by Jay Z on his blog www.lifeandtimes.com about a 22 Day Challenge to go Vegan. I instantly loved the idea! It's true that psychologists say that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, I had read that before while studying for my SATs (lol I know), so I absolutely loved the idea of applying this concept to nutrition. The truth is that I had done something similar once before, but I had never tried to go vegan.

When Jay Z & Beyonce posted about embarking on this 22 day challenge, I thought it was a great way to inspire people to become more informed about their nutritional choices and hopefully healthier as a result. Of course I love Bey & Jay ('till the end of time & BEYond) - pun intended! :) So I decided to join in on this 22 day Plant-based diet challenge.

30 November, 2013

Let's hear it for New York

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! The concrete jungle looked quite stunning on this freezing & sunny holiday! Family, food & no trafic(go figure) is the recipe... Try it out yourselves and enjoy this wonderful time of the year (catch that? :D )! 

25 November, 2013

A Traveler's Tastebuds...

Yummm... one of my fav indulgences! I've chased after them all around the world to find the best ones. Though better in some places than others, these little bundles of heaven are guaranteed to surprise your tastebuds. They come in so many different flavors & colors, so they always make for a nice gift to a friend... or yourself ;) 
I'll have them any time, any day (sometimes I even cheat & have a few for breakfast... really though, they're an amazing wake up call with some coffee in the morning). But before I start rambling about how I always end up having way to many (Every TIME!)... if you love macarons as much as I do / or if you're thinking of having them for the first time (you're in for a treat),  here's a list of my fav macaron spots around the world:

Ladurée - New York, Paris, London
Vendôme Macaron - New York
Bisousciao - New York
La Maison du Chocolat - Paris, Cannes
Pierre Hermé - Paris, Tokyo
Gérard Mulot - Paris
Lenôtre - Paris
Lanka - London
Sugar Philly - Philadelphia

P.S. Some of these brands have boutiques in many other cities... only tested ones are referenced here!
Bon appétit!